The 01 June 2015

Horizon Arts Nature exhibition in the Sancy

Every summer the Massif du Sancy plays host to a marvellous land art exhibition. The central theme of these intriguing encounters between an artist, an artwork and a location is man’s relationship with the natural world.

From June to the end of September nature walks will lead visitors through the landscapes and guide them to the 11 different spots hosting the exhibition. Walks vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour return trip. The chosen international artists come from very different backgrounds such as art, architecture, design or landscape design and must meet several artistic requirements to be selected, such as developing the art with an environmental approach, conveying a true artistic emotion and increasing the public awareness of contemporary art as well as the protection of natural heritage… In July and August, guided visits are also organized for visitors.

Access to the exhibition is free, please note the spots are located apart from each other and visitors will need a car to get from one to the other.

Horizons 1 colonne.jpg

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